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<-.~ from before | maybe next time ~.->


So, today is the one year anniversary of me and David. <3

Everything from the past year is in the past, and we are starting another year full of promise together. This one will be better. ; )

Our relationship has been so good recently. David is so sweet, and we're both less stressed and laugh more often with each other. He feels like home to me.

We went to Des Moines Friday night to eat at a French place called Bistro Montage, because they serve snails and David's been craving snails for months. Honestly, I enjoyed our 6 month dinner at Daniel Arthur's more, but it was still very good food, and an enjoyable trip with David driving to and from Des Moines. It wasn't until we got in Des Moines and passed the sign that I realized I wanted to go to the zoo, but alas...by then it was too late. Oh well... :P

I made my flair board be all cute and love-y, too. Teehee.

I gots a job, so hopefully David can work less hours and not be so stressed out. My new job is boring, but easy...

Also, my kitty is adorable.