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Hey, so...

David's gone for the weekend, and I'm totally bored.

I should go to bed or something...

we get to start moving in to our new place Monday, though...so that's cool. I need to pack stuff, but I am teh lazy. Blargh...
I don't remember what I wrote about last  time...

anyway, so we went and did rental applications today, and ate at Sushi Popo. I had the mango roll thing...it had salmon and eel. It was really good...

I'm bored at David's house, watching Jeopardy with a crazy old lady, and I dunno where David went. I'm gonna run to Wal-Mart, and maybe the mall (even though the mall in Coralville is way better than crappy Cedar Rapids' mall) to get birthday stuff for my Mom later, though...

like, now. yeah.

We've been dating for 10 months, though. (almost) Pretty exciting...kinda, lol. It doesn't seem like it's been very long, though. Like, remebering all the crazy dramatic crap we've been through, it seems like it should feel a lot longer than it does.

okay, I'm out...
So...no update in forever, hm? Well I'm bored...let's see about that.

Even with the creek behind the house, we were perfectly fine flood-wise. The water didn't even threaten to reach the bank, let alone get to the house. I missed a family camping trip this weekend, due to the roads being flooded, but I don't really like camping anyway...

Oh, fun! I need to buy new bras...I only have one that fits me now, and I kinda pop out of it sometimes. >< My swimming suit top doesn't fit me anymore, either. Well, it does...just very precariously.

Uhm, not so fun: I've been losing weight again. That's kinda irritating. I'm supposed to coat like...everything I eat in butter to try to get more calories into my diet. I already drink whole milk, so no change there. I'm just supposed to eat really fatty and/or high calorie stuff. But not the unhealthy kind of fatty? Hm...

On that note, my dinner tonight (not that anybody cares, but hey): 1 can of green beans (coated in butter, of course), 1 garden vegetable cream cheesed bagel (is cream cheese fatty enough?), 1 can of peaches (the heavy syrup kind...I think that counts), and a chocolate raspberry yogurt for dessert. Oh, these yogurts are so good...they make me want to do one of those "it's ___ good" yoplait commercials. :P

Anyway, I think that's a pretty good dinner. I eat better when David's here to cook for me, but he's working tonight. :P I don't remember if I ate lunch, though...

Well, I managed to gain 4 pounds in 2 weeks. Yay me. Now, just 13 more til I can donate plasma!! Ugh, how long have I been trying to gain weight to do that? ><;;

Unrelated sidenote: my boyfriend is amazing. <3<3<3 Even if he is a butthead and thinks it's funny to try making me swim. Note to dumb bimbo: you lose. Deal with it. He's mine, and he thinks you're retarded, even if he's too nice to say it to you. Nobody's going to feel sorry for you that your boyfriend dumped you for cheating on him. Maybe you shouldn't be such a whore, hm?

A Day In the Life...

also, thing

YEAR IN REVIEW: Take the first sentence (or two) from the first post of each month of 2007. That's your year in review.
(I cheated a little, and used a definitive line from somewhere in the first post of each month. That seems a little bit more...contextual. Or something.)

Well, it seems the thing to do...so here goes.

I totally biffed it on the ice today. It was pretty funny.

i beg for comfort with inadequate verse

I like how the weather changes every time I go home. Dx

i am sooooo in love with life right now.



omg i have internet again

(nnoooo, not for coffeeeeeee)

Japanese is gonna kill me.

i feel numb. i think i'm going to throw up.

it totally sucks that you told me not to come see you, cuz i wasn't going to anyway but now you won't be upset by it .-.



I think....

lying and forgetting are two different things. Sometimes, we forget a certain thing and so then may not say it, but that's not the same as outright lying about it.

Anyway, I'm pretty damn sure that I'm better than her.

*D go me.

i = genius

I fixed my phone!! :D

Bahahahaha...I am a genius! Take that, sim card....who's not getting read now?!?



i have a history of taking off my shirt

Wow. This week was...surprisingly short, but the days were freakishly long. Uhm, yeah. Go school.

Japanese is not as scary as it was on the first day. I actually remembered a lot more than I thought I did. Yay. And now...three day weekend! You can't say you're not excited about that.

I don't really have anything to say. I just wanted to...not have never updated. Also, I made new icons, and I really like them, and I wanted to share. I love Laruku's new single. This particular icon I made for Kate, so...yeah.

Also, dudes, 42 ounces of Coke is a lot. I'm excited for Oshaberi next week. I actually want to speak Japanese to...well, native Japanese speakers. It's so exciting to actually...know some stuff, haha. I'm a nerd, whatever.

I love how all my classes are Japan related this semester. Hahahaa. Okay, I'm done. Peace and love, kiddies.


omg i have internet again


school starts in...*shudder* six days.....and i have certain...complications with it. speaking of... ~.~ *goes to isis*

anyway, look at my new icon. it's sad and pretty and i like it.


dear lj friends



Seriously, it's terribly annoying to have my friends page stretched out SO much, especially when I don't get a chance to be on every day, so I have to click back to previous entries and the entirety of one page is....you. No offense, but it's bothersome. And it's really not that hard to use an LJ cut. Really. I can forgive it occasionally, but this is getting ridiculous. Look, I've even included instructions for you. Sorry if you don't know how to read.

When you go to update your journal, click the little tab that say 'Rich text' and there's this nifty little button to the left of the table button (it looks like a window (it looks like a square with a plus sign in it)), and to the right of the poll button (it's got lines, some of them are red). If you hover over the button in the middle of those, it will say 'LiveJournal Cut'. It's very self-explanatory. You just type the long entry you want to say in the gray 'Type contents here...' thing. So please, quit stretching all of your friend's friends pages. Or, you know, you could at least APOLOGIZE for stretching our pages. At the very least.

To everybody who knows how to properly use common courtesy, thank you and I'm sorry.