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I sleeeeepy...

I've been kinda sick-ish this week. And hypoglycemic. omg, I thought I was going to die at work today...

David and I kinda got in an argument last night. He kept being snarky at me. He's up in CR now visiting his folks and I think he'll be back around 9. Fun...2 and a half hours to myself. I might take a nap.

Tira is adorable! She's 4 months old tomorrow. We took her to the dog park today, and there was this tiny white puppy. She was so cute, and Tira kept picking on her cuz she was smaller. :P There was also a one year old brown Min Pin named Tanner. He kept picking on Tira, hehe.

Anyway, typing this on my new laptop!!! David got me a laptop for my birthday! =D

It's funny, I actually have more money than him this month.

Uhm...bored and sleepy now...